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Special 2 hour show this weekend check it out 8pmPST Punkrock O'clock with Jinx Volume 20
Circle jerks"wild in the streets"
Carpit "society war"
Descendants "silly girl"
Millencolin "bullion"
Propagandhi "victory lap"
Point Blank "life or death"
The Misfits "skulls"
J.F.A. "blatant localism EP"
Mucky Pup "hippies hate water"
Sick Of It All "SOIA EP"
Lagwagon "bubbles"
Cerebral Ballzy "dont tell me what to do"
"insufficient fare"
Subhumans "mickey mouse is dead"
"religious wars"
T.S.O.L. 'wash away"
Whole Wheat Bread "old man sampson"
Riot .303 "skate punx"
"depression session"
"murder the prime minister"
Black Flag "TV party"
"my war"
Bad Religion "how could hell be any worse"
"i want to conquer the world"
"the kids are alt right"
Choking Victim "500 channels"
Chips Ov Oi "pogo in the welfare line"
"chocolate chips not fish and chips"
Urban's X "packrat"
"F*** you"
Underrated/Garth Vader "like a criminal"
Cro-Mags "we gotta know"
Jason Daniels "represent"
Social Distortion "mommys little monster"
"dont drag me down"
Public Enemy "black steel in the hour of chaos"
"911 is a joke"
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File Size: 49.77 Kb