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Kat Monroe
on August 11, 2020
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Listen in! Tonight Tues. 8pm pt. On thexstream.net I've a super rad show lined up for you. Tonight we get surf punky with HFA, The Gringoz, The Fur Coats, Sheik's of Neptune, Dirty Hammer, Desert Island Boy, The Hypnophonics, The Whining Pussys and The Rizzo's, We have Big Mama's Metal Moment with Brenda White Simpson feat BI AS, a Flashback from Richard Hell and the Voidoids, a two song set from Cliff and Ivy and a brand spankin'new tune from Fallen Ashes! Thanks for the support! Feel free to share! #thexstream #lookwhatkatdraggedin #richardhellandthevoidoids #thegringoz #surfpunk #surfrock #fallenashes #thehypnophonics #cliffandivy
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