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Kat Monroe
on April 26, 2021
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Tomorrow night! Tues 8pm pt on theXStream.net I have so much rad music for you, an exclusive sneak peek of the newly remastered hit "Your Mom" from CELEBRITY STALKER! An exclusive pre-release of brand new SPENT IDOLS! New MATT 7! As well as tunes from CARPIT, Thought Creature, 2 Minute Mile, Ausmeuteants, Psychotic Turnbuckles, The Squidbillys, The Anti Virals, The Whining Pussys, Vegan Piranha and more! Thanks for the support. Feel free to share πŸŽΆπŸ’€πŸ–€
Dimension: 1632 x 1088
File Size: 580.44 Kb
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