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Publish Date: September 28, 2018
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mel Schantz-Vocals    David Costa-Guitars, Vocals   

Guillermo Santa Cruz-Bass, Vocals    Andy David-Drums

Since its inception, Unit F has been walking the fine line of socio-political consciousness and chaos with their own amalgam of hardcore, punk and straightforward rock 'n roll.  Through their sonically raw, yet defined sound, they show awareness of punk rock’s musical heritage and its decided trademark charge of the need for social and political change that is typically absent from popular culture.

In 2018 Unit F released its third full-length album, Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction to stand along side Comes The Day (2014) and American Shutdown (2009). The new self-produced effort marked departure from the Jim Monroe (Adolescents, Manic Hispanic, CJ Ramone) Greg Hetson (Bad Religion, Circle Jerks) production team who were responsible for previous full lengths, as well as the hard charging Same Ol’ Story EP (2012).   Mark Bolton, formerly with 45 Grave, joined Unit F as a guitarist in 2015, bringing his signature chops along and recording skills at his studio Sound Cage Recording, where the band worked with Greg Hetson on the final mixes of Ecocide.  

With Bolton’s departure midway in 2018, the lineup began work as a four piece, still led by original vocalist Mel Schantz who pens the lyrics and mans the vocals.  Apparently, the band was ready, because the same chemistry and the penchant for songwriting that became Ecocide, is still at work as a new a batch of new songs was spawned. Suddenly the leaner, quicker Unit F began bringing those songs to the stage, with an eye towards a new release sometime in 2019.

It seemed to work. By September of 2018, the reaction to this newer version of Unit F was strong enough to elicit the bands nomination to OC Weekly’s 2018 Readers Poll for Best Punk Rock Band.  Guitarist David Costa who played on Comes the Day and whose signature style and sound is evident on Ecocide, continues to handle guitars and backing vocals. Guillermo Santacruz whose bass work and backing vocals are notable throughout Ecocide, is jumping on the opportunity to write songs that meld catchy bass lines with a hard charging energy.  Drummer Phil Moore who also joined Unit F in early 2015, continues bring the percussive dynamics heard on Ecocide, to the new material in a way that spans the rhythm horizon. Intensity is matched by the steady and infectious beats.

The live shows still feature most of the classic burners that Unit F fans have come to expect; the same songs that landed them shows with such bands as Bad Religion, TSOL, JFA, Agent Orange, Ill Repute, The Dickies, D.I. and too many other vaunted yet still active punk rock hall of famers. The classic song Ride is still as popular as ever, but with this lineup, the vibe is tighter, and all the new songs show more of an sonic evolution as opposed to a departure. The dynamic is unique. Maybe it is because the new material still rings in powerful lyrics delivered with distinct vocals, tempo changes, and meaty, churning riffs that make Unit F’s approach feel like classic old school. Backing vocals and sing along choruses that put the hooks in line with the gnarl.

With live shows that have an room changing intensity every time the band takes the stage, new songs such as Mind Wars, Human Zoo, Its Okay and Jesus Saves are pounded out with the same frenetic political intensity as Direct Action Now or any song from Same Ol’ Story. The songs from Ecocide like Berkeley Streets, Horrifying or Look Up Bro, still have the relevance of topics which span administrations and political trends with dismal ease, pointing out the steady, go nowhere march of a disoriented humanity. In that regard, at least the social and political reflections get a driving beat, a pounding bass line and a full guitar attack that makes such introspect seem like good night of rock and roll. And that….is just good punk rock protocol.        

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2017-2018 Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction

2014 Comes The Day, Self-Released

2011  Same ‘Ol Story, Long Live Crime

2009 American Shutdown, Finger Records/Long LiveCrime

2004 Security EP, Finger Records

2000 Hollow City, Finger Records


                                       Current Radio 2016-2018


Los Anarchy Radio-Buzz McMuffin, Dashradio.com

Beautiful Disaster Radio-DJ Dutchie, KaoticRadio.com

Look What the Kat Dragged In-Kat Monroe, KaoticRadio.com

Black Lung Radio Show, Ryan Pena, KaoticRadio.com

Punk Demonstration Radio- Jack Low

Stench Radio-Los, StenchRadio.com

Recent Press:

#fbfbfb">             These performances from It’s Not Dead 2 would make our latest punk compilation

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

#fbfbfb">UNIT F:  The Cuckoo’s Nest consisted of a trailer stage away from everything else and was a bit hard find, but Unit F’s fans turned out and grew during their show. The best treat was “Decay” off the new album, “Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction,” about how we are ruining the environment and ourselves. It’s a wake-you-up tune and that was met with the crowd’s approval.

#fbfbfb">By MICHELLE MILLS San Gabriel Valley Tribune

#fbfbfb">PUBLISHED: August 27, 2017 at 12:29 pm

UNIT F: Comes the Day: CD

September 20, 2016, Razorcake Magazine Record Reviews

Orange County’s Unit F is back with their third full-length of extremely catchy, mainline melodic punk. Notably, Greg Hetson of Circle Jerks/Bad Religion fame is one of the producers of this outstanding release. Hetson also assisted in the recording, bringing uncommonly experienced ears to the table. I really dig the vocals, which have a slight melancholia to them, almost harkening to Bonecrusher or Pegboy. It’s oddly refreshing to hear a band this good release an album with such slick production. No one’s giving Unit F anything less than an “A.” –Art Ettinger (Self-released, unitfmusic.com)


                                                             Compilations,  DVDs and Media Use

2017 Ecocide: Songs of Dysfunction released, Mark Bolton producing

2015 Blue Flag featured on the Carozzoa Surf Video

2014 Nation State Murders, Selective Service Videos released on You Tube

2014 Comes The Day Release, Jim Monroe/Greg Hetson Producing

2010 American Shutdown Release

2009 BoardHeads, full-length sports release, “Ride”

2008 DVD Documentary Protest Nation

2007 Sounds of the Anarchy Library, Gale Force, ‘I See Grey’

2006 Evolutions DVD, Powell Classic and Concrete Wave 2006 (Skate DVD)

2006 House # FDET0068, Fuel TV

2006 Redefining The Scene II, Finger Records Compilation ‘Tyranny Radio’

2006 On The Pipe 2, Still Smokin', featuring the single  'Ride'

2006 US Open Surfing of Sequence, Project Detention, Redsquare TV

2005 Redefining The Scene I, Finger Records Compilation, Security EP release, Finger Records

2004 Surfers 4 Peace benefit Concert footage, ABC Channel 4,


Notable Shows and Appearances

2018 Martys with JFA, Down By Law

2017 Its Not Dead Festival, Glen Helen, Punk Rock for Premies, Zebfest Benefit

2016  Echos Art + Punk Series, Pomona, Doll Hut Anniversary Show w/The Freeze

2015  Las Vegas, San Diego, Santa Barbara, California Regional shows

2012-2014 California Tour, Regional Shows-Observatory, Ca, Fuel TV, TSOL/Jack Grisham Book Release Show

2010-2011 Regional shows: TSOL, Agnostic Front, Death By Stereo

2010-Bad Religion Anniversary Tour, House of Blues with Youth Brigade

2009-Dirt Alliance Athletes Recovery Fund (Jeremy Lusk Benefit)

2007-Regional Tours (Califonia, Nevada, Mexico)

2006-Regional Tours (California, Nevada)

2004-Warped Tour 2004-Warped Tour

2004-Punk Rock For Recovery Benefit (National ABC coverage & live shots) benefiting Bali bomb blast victim Steve Cabler, Pennywise headlining

2000-Southwest Tour