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Svetlanas - "Go F*** You Self" Altercation Records -

Artist city, country: Moscow, Russia

Artist Biography: The Most Dangerous band in the World!
Banned from Russia in September of 2014, Svetlanas bounce from one country to the next wreaking punk rock havoc to audiences worldwide.

Director Name: Jeff Tamboia

About The Video: Hey if you don't like Olga of Svetlanas...Go F*** You Self!

Artist Website: http://www.svetlanas.su/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/svetlanas77

Label Name: Altercation Records
Label Website: http://altercationrecordsinc.com/

Song Lyrics: You no like my scary face, things I do thing I say?
You no like my bloody crew, bastards who are you?
You no like my dirty feet? Shut-up eat my BS!
You no like me, I don't care, I've four words for you I like to share...Go F*** you self!

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Categories: Punk

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