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on September 13, 2018 399 views

In Case Yer Deaf Show 26
Dj Dingbat 

Arthur Lyman - South Pacific Moonlight 
Bollock Brothers - Horror Movies 
Dominator - Phoning It In 
Pins And Needles - Escape 
Geometric Vision - Panic
Bat Nouveau - Dust 
Shrouds - Initiation 
Bauhaus - Passion Of Lovers 
Alter De Fay - Don't Snitch
Maury Laws - The Baron/ Mad Monster Party
Sixth Chamber - Possessed 
Savage Republic - Next to Nothing 
Shockheaded Peters - Say No To Funk
Frankenstein - Buryin' Suit 
The Brickbats - Do The Dead Girl
Tom Waits - Singapore 
Yello - Ballet Mechanique
Kommunity FK - Tribulations 
Ergets On Ergot - Occult Matters 
The Birthday Party - Happy Birthday 
Screaming For Emily - The Love
Gene Loves Jezebel - Psychological Problems 
Lederest - Bikini Fun
Ash Code - Challenging The Sea 
Moth - Taste the Remains 
Silent Scream - Jagged Path 
Roland S. Howard - Pop Crimes 
Lubricated Goat - On The Gear
Gallon Drunk - Just One More 
Inca Babies - Big Jugular 
The Bonaparts - Waterloo Front 
Southern Death Cult - False Faces 
Leitmotiv - Architect 

Or something along those lines....