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Sunnie Coleman
on November 20, 2018 255 views

I've always written music for as long as I can remember.  I never really had any interest in learning the guitar, until I had a song stuck in my head and no way to get it out prooperly. No one wanted to simply the guitar for me and just teach me the basics, until one day this rad Kat that I knew named "Scooter", let me in on the basics... A week or so later, this was the song I had written. It was about a dear friend and how just being present can cause you to be an enabler. I had to tell my friend at a point that I could no longer watch and say nothing. I literally locked a dear friend out of my life at my front gate as I explained to him his importance to me. No kidding, this moment changed my life entirely. We bothe had eyes that filled wet and didn't see each other again for years. I was so affected by this that I needed to get this song out of me to even proces this gap that was now in my life. I wrote this song and haven't put the guitar down for very long ever since. I ran into that same friend years later. He was HAPPY as all can be and when he intrpoduced me to his wife, it was clear that she knew exactly who I was. He was so healthy, happy and proud. At that moment, so long after I did what I THOUGHT was the right thing, I fnally was 100% without a doubt, confident that I did a good thing. This was one of the first songs I even actually played in front of anyone, let alone uploaded to the internet. It's a crappy recording, who care. I cuss, who cares. It is me. It is real. It is about life. It is about an awesome human who was my closest friend, whom I loved so very much and had to seperate from, with the intention to do the right thing. Sometimes patience has it's reward.

Be you

Be Kind


Categories: Unplugged
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