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Walker Arndt
on November 24, 2018 163 views

Available now on vinyl LP 'Minor Activity' and digital download: https://vorderhaus.bandcamp.com/album/minor-activity

Vorderhaus' unique slant of dark electropop released as the album 'Minor Activity' on vinyl with London label Polytechnic Youth.

A 10 track slowdive into the sinuous distraction of love that is at one time, and however briefly or no, owned or desired by every breather to walk their years until dust. Simple movements in synthesis provide currency for this forray of dark electropop, layered in poetic intrusions that tip a brim to William Wordsworth, Henry Miller and Dylan Thomas as they ripple out in their own visceral style and intergrity.

Categories: Dark Wave
13 people like this.
13 people like this.