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Funeral Riot
on November 30, 2018 341 views

Tonight is an all new Funeral Riot Every Friday Night at 9PM PST / Saturday 9AM GMT on http://XstreamRadio.net - Huntington Beach CA DJ Mange Vorhees takes over the HB AirWaves with two solid hours of #Deathrock, #PostPunk, #OldSchool #Goth #New #Horror #Punk

Every Friday Night at 9PM PST / Saturday 9AM GMT on XstreamRadio.net

Brickbats - 364 Nights to Go
Cemetery - Where the Worms Never Die
Samhain - Moribund
Cemetery Sex Cult - See You In Disneyland
Tragic Black - Surreal Catharsis
Texas Vamps - Kiss of the Spider
Fields of the Nephilim - Trees Come Down
Empire Hideous - Devious Child
X-mal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II

Argyle Goolsby - In Votive Light
Two Witches - Nightmare
Rubella Ballet - Mummy
Son of Sam - Stray
The Jam - Eton Rifles
The Adverts - We Who Wait
Stiffs inc - Blown Away Baby
Radio Scarlet- Ten Sad Reasons To Throw Us A Party
Funeral Parade - Eyes of Madness
999 - Black Flowers For The Bride

TSOL - Darker, My Love
Rozz Williams - Kill Your Sons
Actified - Crucifiction
Wipers - Doomtown
Cruz De Navajas - Esclavas
Gun Club - Sex Beat
Diemonsterdie - October Slowly Dying
Guilty Strangers - Black Magic Trouble

Lost Tribe - Winter
X-ray Spex - I Live Off You
Germs - Manimal
Killing Joke - The Wait
Bauhaus - In the Flat Field
Deep Eynde - She Likes Skulls
The Freeze - Talking Bombs
Specimen - Dead Man's Autochop

Misfits - In The Doorway

Categories: Goth, Dark Wave, Death Rock
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