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Walker Arndt
on December 21, 2018 81 views

The definitive release of former Ultravox frontman's seminal cold wave debut, originally released in 1980.

1. Plaza
2. He's A Liquid
3. Underpass
4. Metal Beat
5. No-One Driving
6. A New Kind Of Man
7. Blurred Girl
8. 030
9. Tidal Wave
10. Touch and Go
11. Film One
12. Burning Car
13. 20th Century
14. This City
15. My Face
16. Young Love
17. Mr. No
18. Glimmer
19. Like A Miracle (alternate version)
20. To Be With You
21. Cinemascope
22. A New Kind Of Man (alternate version)
23. He's A Liquid (alternate version)

Categories: Dark Wave, Electronic
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