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on April 2, 2019 3,593 views

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Featuring an Interview with Mike Palm of Agent Orange, live from the Whiskey a Go Go

Christina and Kat bring back the Old Style MTV music video show. Featuring the best new bands, artists and producers from around the world.

Submit your favorite new DYI music videos here in the comments below or join us on x to be featured in an upcoming episode!

If you're a fan of and band or artist's music, create your own intro and submit it in the comments.

Best intros and music will be featured in upcoming episodes.

00:00 Music by Ascent
00:13 Intro with Albert Simpson from the Bastards
01:27 The Bastards - British Punks
4:11 Mickey 9's - Shark In the Water
8:46 PeeLander-Z - Bike
12;22 Time Dilation Unit - Oliver Twist
16:20 Lovely Creatures - Indie Shoes
19:24 Interview with Mike Palm of Agent Orange, at the Whiskey a Go Go
21:58 Agent Orange - A Cry For Help In a World Gone Mad
24:24 Multi-Headed Hydra - Imperial We
28:08 Big Rig DollHouse - Bury Me
31:17 Misc Meat - Find Another Hole
32:47 Interview with The Whining Pussys at the Whiskey a Go Go
36:21 The Whining Pussies - Bad Music
38:57 Exit music by Ascent


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Categories: Rock, Punk
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