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on April 16, 2019 2,479 views
Click here to Subscribe to our Channel! https://bit.ly/2seXCtV Christina and Kat bring back the Old Style MTV music video show. Featuring the best new bands, artists and producers from around the world. Submit your favorite #new #DYI #music #videos here in the comments below or join us on x to be featured in an upcoming episode! Best submitted music and intros will be featured in upcoming episodes. Leave a comment below ! 00:00 - Subscribe to our Channel - Make sure to leave comment so we can butcher your name! ;-) 1:31 - Intro - Dirty Magic - Street Smarts (find their music here) https://thexstream.net/music/1267/street-smarts/ 1:48 - Christina and Kat - King Kong, and Eggs, Cluck you!, Sexy Leg Lamps, So Stoked Girls and Guys making videos, MTV watch parties, Facebook is stupid, Who cares about what you eat for lunch, cartoon network, carrottop, La La La, La Local Band, Surfing Bird 4:14 - Radioactive Chicken Heads - BAD EGG 7:52 - Kat and Christina - Welcome Back, Don't go to FB, go to their website here. http://radioactivechickenheads.com/ - Old school Oingo Boingo, we dig the cartoons abd costumes, Boney M, BIKE!, Potty Mouth, England, Happy Accident, These guys are great!, the 100 club 10:51 - Cyanide Pills - Waiting for Nightfall 12:51 - Christina and Kat - Fantastic, Don't even get me started, Main Stream Music, Ground Hogs Day, The songs aren't any good, Welcome to Costco, Boulder Colorado, Almost makes you want to collect records again, Don't touch my Albums! World Premiere Video Exclusive 16:18 - The Tankerays - I Hate That Lamp 19:26 - Kat and Christina - Fragile, Narcissists, Social Media, Always that 1 girl 21:16 - Hafdis Huld - Tomoko 24:35 - Christina and Kat - John Rob, Louder than War 25:59 - Goldblade - Psycho 29:05 - Kat and Christina - Listening to lyrics, society is whacked out, the Higher the Fewer, Chrissie Hynde, The Pretenders 32:01 - Maheekats - Without Horizons 34:54 - Christina and Kat - Home Town, Planet Earth, Government, Manipulation, Blinders, 36:59 - Patrick Doval - Manipulation Machine 40:44 - Kat and Christina - Cassettes! Ford Fairlane, No Seat belt Laws, Bench Seats, Passing cigarettes and numbers on the 405, Timeless, History Repeats itself, Roman Times, The Prisoner 46:14 - The Adicts - Numbers 48:13 - I am not a number - Them Bones 50:10 - Christina and Kat - Them Bones, The Concert Factory, Seedy Hotel, All just chillin, German Band, Toy Dolls, Steven Mcqueen, James Bond, You two should know eachother 52:37 - Latte + (Piu) - Next to Ruin 53:50 - Kat and Christina - Barcodes, Bar Chords, Butcher Names, Latte PEW, + is said like Pew in Italian. Subtitles, Cool, Traveling around the world, Iceland, UK, Italy, France, New Clear Vinyl, check it out. 56:24 - Les Lullies - Don't look Twice 58:35 - Christina and Kat - Oh boy, Ares! 59:29 - Happy Birthday Ares! - Sid Harvey Fisher 1:00:47 - Kat and Christina - Thank you for watching the show! We have so much fun! We we love you all for sending us videos! Sharing is Caring! 1:01:26 - Exit - Dirty Magic - Street Smarts (find their music here) https://thexstream.net/music/1267/street-smarts/ Follow Christina here. https://thexstream.net/christinaferra... Follow Kat here https://thexstream.net/Kat%20Monroe/ contact us for more information at xpt@thexstream.net Shout out to the people below for leaving us comments on the last episode! @rocketsdeadglare https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1veKlYNr3BFwJFVqjdQ-Xg Shout out to @LNT Like No Tomorrow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKeZhsNfaPASjK2edtAmtEw Shout out to Jeff Feuerhaken https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC21wsxIAmBw4KnoHPXyOvYw