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on May 4, 2019 129 views
"Next To Ruin", titletrack taken from the upcoming new album out on April 23rd (Phocomelic Music, 2019). Find more of the album on: https://lattepiu.bandcamp.com/album/next-to-ruin LYRICS Sleeping next to ruin breathing on the edge Howling at the moon in this empty street Rising from the gutter everything’s a mess Searching out the place where my soul once fell Staring from the window i can see your wall Longing for the freedom i used to have before Bottom of the bottle city full of hate Tell me if i have something else to wait Now i think about the times you said you’ll never Be like everyone even if you try Nothing in my life seems to last forever I can feel it down into my spine Now that everything is so far away Now there’s no reason for me to stay Soon i’ll walk away cause i’m gonna be like I will be next I will be next to ruin I will be next I will be next to ruin 2019 Ⓒ & Ⓟ Phocomelic Music.