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LB Huntington
on August 20, 2019 121 views
Reverend Horton Heat "Perfect" is from the album, Whole New Life available now. Order/Stream: https://smarturl.it/wholenewlife Merch: http://www.victorymerch.com/store/reverendhortonheat LYRICS Perfect Perfection is not in the cards Not by miles or a couple of yards That may be real That may be true But that doesn't mean  I'm not perfect for you I’m not bragging’ just stating a fact I’ve made up my mind and it’s time to act Just open those eyes and realize Standing right here is your perfect guy Perfect, perfect, baby I’m perfect Yeah I used to like running around I didn't think I'd ever settle down I’m messed up yeah it’s true But I love you so much I'm perfect for you Perfect, baby I’m perfect Yea, I’m perfect Like Roy, perfect Those days are gone because of you  I got a new lease on life and things to do I'm in your cards And a family And baby you too are Perfect for me Perfect, baby you’re perfect Yea you’re perfect Yea I’m perfect Like Roy, perfect Directed by Brian Raida Produced by Andrew Melzer © Victory Records 2019
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