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on August 26, 2019 13,735 views

Check out our latest episode of Back to the Music including rare music videos sent to us by Richard Strange and Doctors Of Madness with members from Sister Paul... also highlights from Richard Strange performs the songs of Lou Reed. Here's the lineup of great bands on this week's show.

Doctors Of Madness - Make It Stop
The Ponderosa Glee Boys - Wake Up 
Doctors Of Madness - Doctors of Madness 
THE JACKETS - Wasting My Time 
Pickle Darling - Bicycle Weather
The Control Freaks - She's the Bomb
Doctors Of Madness - Make It Stop

Doctors of Madness on Spotify 

Doctors of Madness Discogs

Doctors of Madness on Wikipedia

Pickle Darling on BandCamp

The Control Freaks on Bandcamp

The Ponderosa Glee Boys on Youtube John Peel 15th July 1981

The Jackets Band Website

Sister Paul Band Discogs

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