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on September 2, 2019 67 views

Listen to the full album: http://bit.ly/2Ikg4sM
"New Comedown" by Plague Vendor from the album 'By Night,' available now
Order at https://plaguevendor.ffm.to/bynight


Nighttime catches neon eyes I’m fighting but I just can’t sit Feeling in my bones tells me you’re all alone This urgency, it just won’t quit Burning through this town I kick the clocks around I’m balancing the cracked pavement See you here, and then you’re gone You’re caught but not for too long Yeah baby, you’re my new comedown When you put me down You’re my new comedown I love when you put me down I feel you in my future step You’re everywhere that I want to go I dodge the night till it’s out of sight These places dared unknown Traces left behind they lead and let remind It’s only matter of time Till the nighttime comes and catches neon eyes Yeah baby, you’re my new comedown When you put me down You’re my new comedown I love when you put me down

Official Site: http://www.plaguevendor.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PLAGUEVENDOR
Twitter: https://twitter.com/plaguevendor
Instagram: http://instagram.com/plaguevendor

Artist Biography by Gregory Heaney


Free to Eat

Based out of Whittier, California, a suburb of Los Angeles, Plague Vendor are a punk band who harness their nervy, nocturnal energy into their driving sound. As witnessed by their debut "long player," 2014's nocturnal party offering Free to Eat, the California quartet burned the candle at both ends; they didn't waste a moment as they rip from track to track, bashing out each song and moving on without looking back to assess the damage -- the album's ten songs last only 18 minutes. What's more, it's a compendium of the tunes they'd been writing and playing live for the previous five years. 2016's Bloodsweat and 2019's By Night offer a darker tone underscored by some subversive studio polish that nonetheless retained their minimalist approach to remain a thrashy, no-frills garage punk outfit tweaked for maximum volume and power.

Made up of singer Brandon Blaine, guitarist Jay Rogers, bassist Michael Perez, and drummer Luke Perine, the band's sound blends the urgency of early post-punk with the reckless attitude of hardcore, creating a style that squirms with nervous energy while it refuses to sit still. In 2014, the band signed on with the legendary punk label Epitaph, where they released their concise debut, Free to Eat, in the spring of that year. Recorded over the course of two weeks with producer and engineer Stuart Sikes (the WalkmenCat PowerModest Mouse), the band issued their propulsive sophomore outing, Bloodsweat, in early 2016. Following three nationwide tours, they took a well-deserved break. In the late summer of 2018, they spent 11 days locked in at Hollywood’s legendary EastWest Studios (Brian WilsonOzzy OsbourneIggy Pop) with St. Vincent/Chelsea Wolfe producer John Congleton, with all visitors banned and all distractions eliminated. With their producer enlisted as a full-blown collaborator, the band sought to marry their own powerful sound with the engaging-but-aging reverberations of classic punk/rock albums of the '60s and '70. And with Congleton's limitless encouragement, Plague Vendorworked in a manner they hadn't before, using choruses of bass in endless waves, flashes of synth, Motorik drums, and even a string section to illustrate instrumental passages and even whole songs. The finished album, By Night, was released midway through 2019.

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