My Life’s Garden The morning comes but, in my heart, you first are mine Or else no use in waking up to the day And if you weren’t here the sun wouldn’t shine It will only shine if I know you wil...
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Growing up in the "yes" generation, I've heard a certain saying more times than I could remember, said to me and others growing up alongside me... "You can be whatever you want to be." It's a sweet sa...
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Where are you Now?

Where are you now? That I so much seek The moon is shining and your aspect doesn’t reveal

The stars, escaping clouds, for a glimpse of you peek This in common, that your p

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How our Heaven Know I dreamt of you and then suddenly appear As if you leapt out of my fantasy

So, dreams best when they bring you here To show there is more to this reality.

Our hearts bond

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Click the link or the picture to download The X Stream Android app. We do not support the Google Playstore Monopoly, so we host our own App. Make sure to check unknown locations for app installs. Onc...
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Distant Star

Your love is no closer than the most distant star Yet, everywhere I look there you are Then again, from a star’s essence we all made Why should I ever fear that from my life you


Punk is alive and well at the It's not Dead Festival 2017 Arriving at the festival, we managed to find parking near the back of the Main Stage near the press tent. We assumed the press test would b...
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Most people live their entire lives not understanding what a Business Model is. Since 2012 the Media/Social network Business model has been based on the Misery of the reader/user/member/buyer.



Letting You Go I saw this stone and thought it sparkled for me And each facet cradled my soul But, I learned for any other shined as beautifully Now, to the rest, let it go. I know losing you...


You know I have your ring
When another’s you wear
Yet, this one to you still bring
As you slip it on our feelings bare.

And wearing it more than a fashion
Despite its jewel cut an

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Another Day Another day that reduces what remains Even more important if I shared it with you But your absence only knew and this my heart pains Now hoping you're in my dreams to see my night ...
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Canvas This is an empty page waiting for the words to fill My canvas where I can paint my soul

The same that all have used keys or pen or quill With artistry they commanded for their love to know.

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